Aggress Racing


The 2015 Team Time Trial and Tandem TT Championships

Course Change 8/8/2015

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Sunday September 20, 2015
Held under USA Cycling permit 2015-2571

For the Individual Time Trial Championships click here.

Directions From Tucson take I-10 north to exit 219 then follow the signs to the parking area.
Parking  We will use one of the parking areas next to one of the Bowling Travel Centers. The event will use either the parking area next to the Dairy Queen or the parking area west of the new travel center. Information will be sent out in prior to the event to registered riders.
Course A flat out and back time trial with 20 k and 40 k options. The course is out and back with 150 feet of elevation change, for both the 20K and 40K options.    40K Course Map   20K Course Map

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To register one person must register the whole team. So make sure you have the correct spelling of the riders name and IMPORTANT their USA Cycling License Number. (The person will be the team captain and will have to pay the entire fee by credit card.) 

On-line registration closes Thursday, September 18, 2015 at 10 pm AZ (MST)

Registration Fees  
per team
TTT Per Rider (4 person teams) $120
Juniors Teams $80
Tandem TT (2 person tandems) $60
Juniors Tandem TT (2 person tandems) $40

No Late Fees!

Early Number

Race Day Number Pick-up

Pick up your number, sign your release and verify your license at Bicycle Ranch, Saturday, September 19th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Bicycle Ranch is located at 7090 N Oracle Rd #198, Tucson (520) 219-4311.

At the parking lot west of the Bowlin Dairy Queen on I-10 Frontage Road.

When picking up numbers all riders must present a USA license or purchase a one-day license or new annual license and sign the release form before a number is handed out. Riders cannot pick up teammate numbers unless they present the original license and an original signed current year correctly fill out USA Cycling release form.

Start Lists, Start Time &
Start Order

The start list and start time with rider number will be posted here on this web page Friday, September 19, 2015 around noon. 

First Rider Off at 7:00 AM. Two minute intervals in the following Category order:

(All Junior Teams, 20 Km per rule 6D5)
Juniors Boys (Age 10 to 14)
Juniors Girls (Age 10 to 14)
Juniors Mixed (Age 10 to 14) (minimum 1 Female)

Juniors Boys (Age 15 to 18)
Juniors Girls (Age 15 to 18)
Juniors Mixed (Age 15 to 18)(Minimum 1 Female)
For Mixed categories; time stops
when the Female crosses finish line

20K Junior Tandem (open)

All Male Junior Tandem (age 12 to 18)
All Female Junior Tandem (age 12 to 18)
Mixed Junior Tandem (age 12 to 18)

For safety the ABRA Board has recommend only the
above junior teams race.

NOTE:  Juniorís teams and tandems will ride only 20K.   There there will be a 15 minute gap between the Juniors and the 40 K teams.

Men Open (no age limit)
Men 140+ (no member over 55)
Men 180+ (no member under 30)
Men 210+ (no member under 50)
Men 230+ (no age limit)
 Men 250+ (no member under 60)
 Men 280+ (no member under 70)

Women Open (no age limit)
Women 140+ (no member over 55)
Women 180+ (no member under 30)
Women 210+ (no member under 50)

ALL Mixed Teams must have 2 male and 2 female riders
Mixed Team   (open - No age limit)
Mixed Team (Age Limit 190+  - No one under 40 years old)
Mixed Team (Age Limit 230+  -  No one under 50 years old)

40K Tandem

Male Tandem 70+, 90+, 110+
Female Tandem 70+, 90+, 110+
Mixed Tandem 70+, 90+ 110+
Elite Tandems  (under 70 (female, male, mixed)

Awards USA Cycling State Championship medals will be awarded to the top three teams in each category that hold yearly racing licenses; 4th and 5th place receive nice ribbons.   

Teams with any one-day licenses holders are not eligible for State Medals or State jerseys.   The event is keeping the fees very low so this year. Agress Racing Team will NOT be purchasing the Arizona State Championship Jersey for the winners.  However each team category winner has the option to purchase a jersey from Voler Wear.  We do not know how many teams will show up and the jersey for each team would cost $240 or $60 per cyclist.  This would make the cost per team $320 or $80 per rider for the event to purchase the jersey. Thank you for your understanding!

Race Bible

Time will be taken on the third cyclist to cross the finish line.  All riders will be given the same finish time.

When picking up numbers all riders must be present and all release forms signed before a number is handed out.

"Mandatory junior roll-out at the start area" 
Check in with a USAC Official on the concrete driveway just North and West of the start line.

All USA CYCLING Rules apply.  Course closes at 6:30am.
Any racer warming up on the course after the race starts will be disqualified.  No Exceptions.

Can a team register with only 3 riders?
NO, all teams must start with 4 cyclists however they may finish with 3 as the time is stopped on the third cyclist. (Yes the 4th rider can ride 5 feet and stop!)

Do all 4 cyclists have to be on the same ABRA team?
 NO, cyclist can come from different ABRA teams, Non-ABRA teams or be unattached cyclists.

Do all team members have to wear the same jersey?
YES.  If you have a member from another team get them to borrow a jersey. The jersey can be from different year for the same Team. This makes if easier for the officials and it IS a TEAM event.

Can unattached cyclist participate in this event?

YES, they can be a part of a 4 person team.

What happens if one of  the teammates has to rescue an elephant from Alaska and cannot make the race?
First I hope the elephant is saved, you can use an alternate rider >  First the new rider must have a USA CYCLING License annual or one day License.  Second the new rider MUST sign the release form and have the license verified BEFORE they ride.  If you have already pick up the number at early number pick up and change in the morning the rider WILL use the same number and MUST check in BEFORE the team starts.  IF the rider does not check in the team will be deemed ineligible and DISQUALIFIED from the event.  No exceptions. The Team due to the change may change categories based on the new rider, they will keep their original start time and scored with the correct category.

No head phones allowed during on road warm up or during the event.

Any other questions Please e-mail Nippy at:

Course Marking START LINE: White Tape.  FINISH LINE: Is about 1 tenth of a mile South of Start with White Tape Line.   Going South or outbound each 5 K is marked with a sign.  Going North or on the home stretch there are 5 K, 1K and 200 meters signs.
Race Photos Photo Gallery

Port-a-johns with hand cleaner.

Snacks/drinks/water after race while waiting for results.

Trophies awarded to the fastest times the following events:

  • Female Team
  • Male Team
  • Junior Female Team
  • Junior Male Team.